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Someone tell me
Someone tell me these are signs
that I'm still on the right path
Which signs do I believe
and which are lies?
The love of money disgusts me
My mom wants a new Benz
and a $200 purse
Do you know what you could do with that money
for the Kingdom of God?
I've set aside 3 bags of clothes from my closet
I have too much,
too many people have too little
I long to be away from this feeling of deadness
and just be with my King forever
I don't remember the exact date
But I prayed the Sinner's Prayer in truth
and accepted Christ
His teachings and His love and Word
make perfect sense
If I could split myself into my believing and my disbelieving side
I would beat the crap out of the disbelieving side.
I would love to strangle her.
I hate the devil and his lies with a passion
I hate this emptiness in my heart
I have begun to wonder what a life filled with and centered on God
would look like
and admire it, and I want it
I want to be thirsty for the Living Water, the Bread of Life
but I don't know what
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The Decision
"I know you're made of LOVE"

So will you be Frisk, or will you be Chara, which is it gonna be, BUDDY?
Just another quick doodle to add to the stash since I haven't had time to submit anything lately.

art(c) me
characters (c) Toby Fox!!!!!!!!!!
My sister has a team in one of her classes, and that team was called the Armadillos, so naturally she wanted me to draw some she could put on her team's project board. So naturally I had to mess around. These are just little doodles, enjoy!
I can't be the only one who thinks those two are a lot a like in ways...can I..?

I recently finished watching Assassination Classroom, for the first and second time around (it was that good). And I couldn't help but think of Sans sometimes when I was watching Koro Sensei. He has certainly become a huge favorite of mine, and possibly always will be. A very loveable character with a lot of good life lessons learned. Who would've thought? 

But I digress, I decided to try my hand at Koro Sensei, but in Sans clothing in order to ease myself into the whole new character (I don't draw completely non-human species very often you see), I struggled a lot with coloring this time around. Quite honestly I'm not sure how to fix it, I just know it's wrong. It'll bother me until I fix it regardless, but I hope you all enjoy it -.-

Koro Sensei and Sans (c) their respected creators. They are not mine!
HOWEVER this picture (c) me. It is mine!
All rights reserved sillies. 
LoZ Shadow and Link
Kind of a doodle amoung doodles. I've been playing around with the paint brush tool more lately, just to see how it works. A user here on dA wanted me to draw the Link's again, specifically these two. I was going to make a Christmas pic out of it, but things got too busy over the holidays and I ended up not completeing it until now ^^; I hope this will suffice. I'm going to try and get a few more doodles up before college starts up here in a bit, so enjoy!

LoZ characters (c) Nintendo
Art (c) me
All rights reserved
707 Saeyoung Choi
I finally managed to scrape up the time to draw something! So here's to one of the best phone games I've played, Mystic Messenger. It was a very well made game, translation wasn't too bad, way better than most I've seen. The character development was very well done, as was the story as a whole. My favorite character of course was 707, the hacker and true main character of the story. Anyone that's played the game knows why there's a spaceship in the background lol. Took approximately 5hrs to do, and I did it in SAI (love that program). I would like to spend more time fixing it up the way I would like, but with finals coming up I don't have the time, but this picture may be updated in the future, hopefully. Until then, hope you all enjoy it!

707(c) Mystic Messenger (c) Cheritz
picture (c) me

All rights reserved


Wandering somethin or another
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Love Kingdom Hearts series, Legends of Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, Prince of Tennis, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and much much more. Love drawing in japanese anime style, playing anime songs on piano by ear (cuz I suck at reading notes)and hanging out with friends online. I'm part Japanese, and slowly learning the Japanese language, bored often, not many real friends, gone to TONS of animecons thus far and still hope to go to many MANY more. Really, REALLY wish the anime world was real cuz I'd go to it first chance I got. No looking back. all in all, I'm a crazy Otaku with one heck of a busy life but I still make time for my hobbies. <_<;

Current Residence: wouldn't you like to know...
Favourite genre of music: DJ like stuffidge, Christian, Instrumental Jazz FTW
Favourite style of art: Japanese Manga/Animie-ish
MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman
Wallpaper of choice: A good one
Favourite cartoon character: Again, Too many to name
Personal Quote: there's Darkness in the heart, but that doesn't mean we have to be controlled by it
So guess who's back, back again? 

Hi everyone, very very...very long time no see. Seriously. like over a year long time. So much has been going on I just can't even begin to catch you people up. Honestly. 

To my friends who still exist here in this unchanging dA site, I'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH MY GOSH. Seriously. I've been going through some pretty rough times in this year or so. I'm really happy I had a moment to find my way back here and stalk everyone to see how things are. I hope everyone is doing well. 

Moving on past the pleasantries...This place is so outdated...So very outdated. This art is so old. Of course I've been keeping up with my drawing offline, just not digitally as often. And sadly I don't have a scanner soooooooo it's gonna be hard to update anything for awhile. I have an extremely busy life, so I'm not sure how often I'll be available on here...but please guys, feel free to chat with me whenever. It's been lonely lately and I need people to talk to while I'm busy lol. I'll get back with you as soon as I can (and for those that messaged me a year ago....I'm so sorry lol). I'm going to try and see if I can get some things fixed up in here. clean up etc...I would like to do a name change eventually, but I may just switch that to a new profile cuz I'm poor lol. We shall see. but for now, blow up my inbox guys, tell me! HOW ARE YOU????


  • Listening to: Final Fantasy 7 piano OST
  • Reading: All dem cooleg books
  • Playing: College
  • Drinking: TEA YEAH



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